ServiceMaster Clean offers you three unique franchise opportunities.

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Home and Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunities


ServiceMaster Clean Janitorial capitalizes on the importance of a good corporate image and more than 100,000 companies depend on this franchise to look after their businesses every day. Dedicated to eco-friendlier cleaning methods, ServiceMaster Clean Janitorial uses ServiceMaster branded GREEN FOR™ products.

Part of a $6 billion industry in Canada, a ServiceMaster Clean Janitorial Services franchise offers you the opportunity to become an integral part of businesses that make your community run -- real estate and property management, healthcare, education, banking, entertainment, non-profits and more -- by providing them a quality cleaning service that you and they can be proud of.


"We are celebrating 20 plus years of owner/operator status within the ServiceMaster Clean family. I always wanted to be self-employed and a ServiceMaster franchise presented itself. Combined with working among some very talented ServiceMaster head office personnel, I grew my business. We have been able to deliver the service levels to so many of our customers because of our hard working dedicated employees. We look forward to the next 20 years working with our entire team."
Richard Ainsworth
ServiceMaster Clean Janitorial Franchisee


Commercial Carpet, Floor and Upholstery Care

In Canada, ServiceMaster Clean Commercial franchises clean over 250 million square feet of carpet each month with over 5,000 customers that rely on them each year. They represent a remarkable opportunity for the person wanting their own business for a very reasonable investment.

ServiceMaster Clean Commercial provides comprehensive commercial cleaning services featuring trained professionals equipped with the expertise and equipment to perform specialty cleaning as needed. These services include carpet restoration and maintenance programs, upholstery cleaning for office reception areas and conference room furniture and tile and grout cleaning. Other specialty cleaning services include window washing, computer cleaning, and even post construction cleaning.


"I joined ServiceMaster in June 1987 and my only regret is that I should have made the purchase several years prior. We have great leadership in Canada as well as the systems in place to be successful."
Paul Burke
ServiceMaster Clean, Commercial Franchisee

Residential Floor Care 

ServiceMaster Clean has been helping customers keep their homes looking beautiful for over 60 years.

Where many floor care service companies fall short is by pigeonholing themselves into just one service or sector. Our diversified service offerings include: carpet cleaning, tile and grout, wood floor services, upholstery, air duct cleaning and specialty cleaning projects.

ServiceMaster Clean Residential franchises are fully trained to provide top-of-the-line carpet and upholstery cleaning services to homeowners. ServiceMaster Clean vans come equipped with the latest technology and unique and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions using our proprietary GREEN FOR™ products.



"ServiceMaster gives you the vehicle to be a partner with the strength of an international brand behind you. The ServiceMaster Brand stands for quality Service and that is why I joined the ServiceMaster Family."
David Benoit
ServiceMaster Clean Residential Franchisee

The ServiceMaster Clean Approach

At ServiceMaster, we pride ourselves on systems development, which is a combination of products, equipment, supplies, processes and training. While each of these components is important, it’s the combining of them all into a system which sets us apart.

opportunity clean 1 System and marketing development is led by our dedicated, in-house research and development team. They are responsible for developing quality programs and products that are designed to make our franchisees’ jobs easier, perform services more productively and build a customer list that keeps growing.  We combine these products with other elements to create improved systems for our franchisees. This holistic approach involves service line personnel and franchisees, as well as key industry experts. The result is state of the art technology that differentiates our franchise businesses from the competition.

Additional Territories Available.