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"I’ve been an AmeriSpec franchise owner since 2012, and it’s great to be part of a brand that is so well recognized and respected by our real estate partners. It’s also an advantage to have AmeriSpec fellow business owners only a phone call away for any helpful advice! "

David Furry
AmeriSpec of Niagara


“I joined Furniture Medic as a franchisee in 2016, to compliment the work that I was already doing in my own company. I felt that joining Furniture Medic gave me the opportunity to expand and grow my business under a corporate structure that as a small business owner was much more challenging. Furniture Medic gave me solid value in the numerous opportunities that are available for the services that we offer. I would say be prepared to work consistently and with diligence. As with anything, I believe that you can definitely see rewards both on the financial side and in terms of personal satisfaction based on your willingness to learn, grow, and work.”

John Nyirfa
Furniture Medic of Greater Vancouver

"I bought my first franchise in January 2001, and was very excited to get started in my business after receiving training in April of 2001. I always wanted to have a business of my own, but knew that I also wanted support for technical and administrative purposes. After nearly 20 years as a Furniture Medic franchisee, I can say that I was well served."

Richard Bérubé
Furniture Medic of Ottawa & Outaouais
Meubles Medic des Ottawa & Outaouais


“After working in the corporate world for over 20 years, we decided it was time to try something new. After a 2 year search for a business to start or purchase we finally found Merry Maids. While I will not say it is easy, it has been a great opportunity to grow and have meaningful impact on other people’s lives, both our staff and our customers. This is one of the few business opportunities that allows for a work/life balance, although we are in the service industry we enjoy working only Monday to Friday as much as our staff. We are in our ninth year owning a Merry Maids franchise, we still feel like we are just getting started, the future looks bright!”

Robert Luscombe
Merry Maids of Toronto

“I joined Merry Maids in 2010 when I decided that I wanted to own and run my own business. Merry Maids gave me training to help me get started, and continually provide ongoing advice whenever I need. This is my first business that I have ever run on my own, and I am now starting my 10th year. I am very pleased with the support and advice that I receive from my friends at Merry Maids head office and various locations, and I would recommend Merry Maids to any budding entrepreneur.”

Jacqueline Henrickson
Merry Maids of Winnipeg and Regina


"We are celebrating 20 plus years of owner/operator status within the ServiceMaster Clean family. I always wanted to be self-employed and a ServiceMaster franchise presented itself. Combined with working among some very talented ServiceMaster head office personnel, I grew my business. We have been able to deliver the service levels to so many of our customers because of our hard working dedicated employees. We look forward to the next 20 years working with our entire team."

Richard Ainsworth
ServiceMaster Clean of Durham, Scarborough, Aurora, Newmarket & Peterborough Janitorial

"I joined ServiceMaster in June 1987 and my only regret is that I should have made the purchase several years prior. We have great leadership in Canada as well as the systems in place to be successful."

Paul Burke
ServiceMaster Clean of Peel Region Commercial Services

"ServiceMaster gives you the vehicle to be a partner with the strength of an international brand behind you. The ServiceMaster Brand stands for quality Service and that is why I joined the ServiceMaster Family."

David Benoit
ServiceMaster Clean of Vancouver Residential Services


"I have been with ServiceMaster for over 20 years. The support from ServiceMaster corporate is amazing and the systems that have been put in place really make it easier to run and manage a disaster restoration business"

Dwayne Frans
ServiceMaster Restore of Midland and Orillia